Stop Loving Me

Another sad Poem from a very emotional lady.

Melyn's e-diary, Poetry and Travelogue

Stop Loving Me

You made so many Promises

One of them is loving me forever

If your heart gets tired of waiting

If your heart still wondering

If my love was true…

Then make at least all those promises come true

I’m tired of all your lies

I’m tired of broken promises

Don’t think you’re the only victim here

If you were hurt

I was hurt too…

You break my heart for those cruel words

What happened to your great love?

Why they turned into hatred?

I was stuck in the abyss

It was your fault I was here
You left me and you never come back…

Your sorry wasn’t sincere

The next day you’re going to hurt me again

By saying those  harsh words you’ve said million times

If you can’t forgive me

Then stop loving me

If you can’t wait to mend my broken heart…

Then stop loving…

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I was a little bit scared when I saw this big brown butterfly, same as the one we saw four years ago. Whatever the mystery behind this. Maybe just a coincidence.

Melyn's e-diary, Poetry and Travelogue


You look so lovely

Yet so lonely

I saw you the first day I mourned

Is it true you are a spirit wandering around?

Oh, Big Brown Butterfly

Where are you from?

Why did you come back after four years you’d been gone?

You are not just an ordinary

There is something so special about you

You glow in the dark

Flying around without a purpose

Trying to send a message I could not fathom

Are you a spirit from other world?

I don’t believe in any mystery

Any myth or sorcery

But I’ve seen you at my Mom’s wake

Now you are back on her 4th Year Death Anniversary


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Best Pal (an ABC Poem)

I offered this poem to all my best pals.

Melyn's e-diary, Poetry and Travelogue

 Best Pal (an ABC Poem)


Around the world

Best Pals aren’t easy to find

Chemistry helps the relationship bind

Destiny how they meet is really one of a kind.


 Everything they feel is so special

Friendship becomes more vital

Gaps sometimes arise

Honesty always surprise.


Insecurity needs to be set aside

Just be jolly

Keep your heart lovely

Listening and understanding

Often times lead to Misunderstanding.

Nobody is really perfect

Open up and try to reflect

Praise and please one another

Quiet Soul is a lot better.


Renew your friendship once in a while

Show sympathy

And Trust

Unbroken Secrets and promises

Value them to the heart.

Whether you are not always together

Extra effort is always a reminder

Year after years of great bond

Zipped and kept for life and beyond.

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When She is Gone

to love is to let it go even it hurts so bad…

Melyn's e-diary, Poetry and Travelogue

When she is gone. You’ll miss  the sunshine in the morning. She brings light, beauty  and hope to your troublesome mind. Her sweetest smile is your greatest shield. Her carefree laugh is  too vulnerable.

When she is gone. You’ll miss the rainy season. She shares shelter when you were a wanderer from yesterday. Her delicate arms are your hardest wall to lean on. Her gentle hands are your comfort when you were sick and cold. Her  love  is too valuable.

When she is gone. You’ll miss the Happy Christmas. She loves Christmas tree and Christmas Songs. She is your lady Santa Clause who loves to share gifts and happiness. Her happy heart is the brightest star in the night of December. Her spirit is full of light and inspiration. Her dreams for both of you are too impossible.

When she is gone. You’ll miss the trace of every piece of her. You said she was your A to Z, She was too perfect for you…

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Despicable Heart

I hate to remember

The date on September

When two hearts found each other in the dungeon of memories of lies and betrayal

A shelter served their comforts to ease the lonely numbness of denial

I am afraid to see

How long I could free

My  captive heart  was out there lurking around  the  midst of  the shadow

Every pains you cause perish  my poor heart to slowly glow

I waited for many years

I wept a lot of tears

Just listen to my unfathomed heart so you could see the dullness of my past

When the only love I could spare was covered with fears and dust

Please let me free

I begged on my knee

Let my heart  seek for a new start

To bring back the happiness crashed by your Despicable Heart