I dreamt about this place

So lovely, fresh and the sun rays ablaze

A home where each happiness and tranquillity has a space

Its bright colour in the inside is not depressing

A pair of blue and Gator orange is more enticing.

A home I’d love to spend my time worthwhile and relaxing.

It looks perfect from a far

I didn’t see any lightning scar.

A home where I am safe and there is no threat of war

In a long couch I lay as I watch my favourite show on TV

While sipping a hot mint tea

Thanking, I have a home ideal also to have hot cocoa or coffee

At night when I lay on my bed to sleep

A picture of future in my mind  sink so deep

A Home, where there is YOU I could forever keep

No matter how great is everything

When you feel you are missing something

How could a home be anything


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