Best Pal (an ABC Poem)

I offered this poem to all my best pals.

Melyn's e-diary, Poetry and Travelogue

 Best Pal (an ABC Poem)


Around the world

Best Pals aren’t easy to find

Chemistry helps the relationship bind

Destiny how they meet is really one of a kind.


 Everything they feel is so special

Friendship becomes more vital

Gaps sometimes arise

Honesty always surprise.


Insecurity needs to be set aside

Just be jolly

Keep your heart lovely

Listening and understanding

Often times lead to Misunderstanding.

Nobody is really perfect

Open up and try to reflect

Praise and please one another

Quiet Soul is a lot better.


Renew your friendship once in a while

Show sympathy

And Trust

Unbroken Secrets and promises

Value them to the heart.

Whether you are not always together

Extra effort is always a reminder

Year after years of great bond

Zipped and kept for life and beyond.

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