Stop Loving Me

Another sad Poem from a very emotional lady.

Melyn's e-diary, Poetry and Travelogue

Stop Loving Me

You made so many Promises

One of them is loving me forever

If your heart gets tired of waiting

If your heart still wondering

If my love was true…

Then make at least all those promises come true

I’m tired of all your lies

I’m tired of broken promises

Don’t think you’re the only victim here

If you were hurt

I was hurt too…

You break my heart for those cruel words

What happened to your great love?

Why they turned into hatred?

I was stuck in the abyss

It was your fault I was here
You left me and you never come back…

Your sorry wasn’t sincere

The next day you’re going to hurt me again

By saying those  harsh words you’ve said million times

If you can’t forgive me

Then stop loving me

If you can’t wait to mend my broken heart…

Then stop loving…

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