Under the Moonlight of a Super Moon


Under the Moonlight of a Super Moon

We have waited so long to see such beauty
Everyone is excited to see how magnificent you are
You were the brightest and the largest for the last 68 years
You shine in the night sky and give light to the entire planet

Everybody is amazed with such undying beauty
Young couples held each other hands while walking under the moonlight
Also a perfect time to enjoy love and romance while you’re up there watching
Thus, a gentleman offers his heart and life to a woman whom he sincerely loves

Children in the neighborhood are curious of that beautiful round light bulb above
They are gathered around and look up the sky wondering what you are
I heard them scream in a very solemn night “Let’s play”
They run as they play “hide and seek” under your super moonlight

I ‘m overjoyed at the moment of watching you over and over
It is my first time to glimpse at you closer and brighter
I will never trade this lifetime experience whom I’m truly grateful
Looking forward to see you once more on my 50th Birthday, hopefully…


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