When it Rains

I’m happy when it rains
it pours happiness inside my veins
every sad memory I could remember
are now swept away into the river
My heart is bouncing as I hop
My freezing hands reach every drop
spinning, twirling, aren’t insane
while smiling and laughing
are always the same
what a wonderful feeling
when it rains
a perfect moment to toast for champagnes


Photo credit to the owner (dancing in the rain)



Melyn's e-diary, Poetry and Travelogue



Broken memory
Worn out discretely
formed from misery,
tortures and traumas burst rapidly
Damaged soul
vanished as a whole
Fragments gets loony
shattered in agony.
Is there any piece missing?
We are still searching
looking for a trail
to comprehend
Every mystery has its end
We found the lost page
a magic key
to see ourselves completely free***—***

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I never try this pencil
to sketch any kind of portrays
decades had become totally idle
Tracing those curves and edges of pathways
But, I’m still afraid of what it might look like
In my dreams, I saw this beautiful and multicolored peacock
It gives me a stronger wing,
and greater hope to wander every colorful morning***—***


My own Thoughts:
I really love to draw, but I was really scared to try. After twenty years I finally let my pencil sketch a beautiful and colorful portray. I’m so happy  that I finally did it.

Perfect Match

Melyn's e-diary, Poetry and Travelogue

Finding our perfect match isn’t easy
Everyday we met people and we get a long
Some marries someone who isn’t the one
We dream a kind of love based on fantasy

We care a lot for our feelings and emotions easily
Happiness is more important
Security and veracity
Butterflies in the stomach are tricky

I’m maybe a perfect match to you
But you are not to me
You are maybe a perfect match to her
But she is less to you

Billions of hearts are spread apart
The whole world feel their beats
The love you have for her
Did you ever wonder if it’s really for her

Did you ever notice the girl just passed by
The guy sitting on the bench holding his phone
How about the girl screaming on the baseball game when you turned on your TV
What if he is just so close but you…

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I’m Sorry

I can wait forever, but I can’t stand being hurt.

Melyn's e-diary, Poetry and Travelogue

I’m sorry I love you
My body left you
But never my heart nor my mind
Within me your love is all I feel and so kind

I’m sorry I love you
I dreamed to be with you
I waited, and still waiting
I guess my poor head is blowing

I’m sorry I love you
How can you say I’m over you
All these years I ceased to follow the star
You’re away seems really far

I’m sorry I love you
But I still feel blue
The love that you promise
Is all I could reminisce

I’m sorry I love you
But my mind is been tired too
It breaks my heart hurting you
But there’s nothing I can do

I’m sorry I love you
But we both must let go
I’m happy you were with me in the past
In our dreams we are together at last

I’m sorry…

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A tale of a Star

Writing this poem for my birthday.

Melyn's e-diary, Poetry and Travelogue

A Tale of a Star

Created by a junction of warmth love
A fragment of me is a breath from a dead star
Those stars that shine so bright above
I see them at night while they are light years a far
A glorious life I only live once
I’ll make it up to do right and not to be dunce
When my day on earth is over
My body will turn into dust as my soul sober
I’ll be born again and shine
As young as a star like our Sun

My own thoughts:
I wrote this poem for my upcoming birthday. This is to praise and thank our Creator for giving my wonderful life. For giving me a beautiful planet in the whole galaxy to live on. For making me a vital part of a magical life cycle in the universe. To be born from a dying star…

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Under the Moonlight of a Super Moon


Under the Moonlight of a Super Moon

We have waited so long to see such beauty
Everyone is excited to see how magnificent you are
You were the brightest and the largest for the last 68 years
You shine in the night sky and give light to the entire planet

Everybody is amazed with such undying beauty
Young couples held each other hands while walking under the moonlight
Also a perfect time to enjoy love and romance while you’re up there watching
Thus, a gentleman offers his heart and life to a woman whom he sincerely loves

Children in the neighborhood are curious of that beautiful round light bulb above
They are gathered around and look up the sky wondering what you are
I heard them scream in a very solemn night “Let’s play”
They run as they play “hide and seek” under your super moonlight

I ‘m overjoyed at the moment of watching you over and over
It is my first time to glimpse at you closer and brighter
I will never trade this lifetime experience whom I’m truly grateful
Looking forward to see you once more on my 50th Birthday, hopefully…